Yomi Fabiyi: “Baba Ijesha can still challenge the court ruling, it is his right” (video)

Nollywood star Olanrewaju James, also known as Baba Ijesha, was given a 16-year prison term on Thursday, July 15, 2022, for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

Following the court's ruling, Yomi Fabiyi, his colleague and steadfast Baba Ijesha, released a statement outlining his position.
According to Fabyi, Baba Ijesha must have the right to appeal the judge's decision in any way he sees fit.

Yomi Fabiyi stated in a post sharing the footage;


The DEFENDANT(Baba Ijesha) NOT found guilty of The defilement(rape) with CAR KEY as charged(1&6) for lack of evidence, which he still denied ever committing BUT has been found guilty of few other charges bothering on sexual assault(as seen in the video 2,3,4,5). Any indecent act against children is unacceptable and I have never and will never support such. CHILDREN ARE MEANT TO BE PROTECTED. And I will insist that PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE is equally punishable under section 30(3) Child Rights Act. It is an imprisonment for ten years!

However, if the defendant insists that he is innocent of the other charges. It is within his rights if he chooses to appeal. And if he exhausts all options and the judgement stands, he should serve his term and I hope he will learn his lessons and turn a new leaf.

I am still committed to the frontiers of HUMAN RIGHTS and that all accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. I thank the JUDGE for not punishing the defendant before today until verdict is reached.

Grateful to the state/prosecution thus far, for ensuring that the rights of these three major actors in this case were upheld: *The VICTIM, DEFENDANT and The PUBLIC.*
See video below;
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