Anti-speeding devices are now required for all new vehicles In the EU.


All new automobiles sold in EU member states must include Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) as part of new safety standards.

In an effort to lower the amount of accidents and fatalities caused by speed, the EU has ordered that all new vehicles be equipped with automatic speed-limiting equipment.

As part of new safety requirements, starting on July 6, Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) must be installed in all new vehicles sold in EU member states. Manufacturers will be required to have the automatic speed-limiting devices installed starting on July 7 2024 for new vehicles that are already on display.

The devices employ cameras and GPS to identify speed restrictions and warn drivers to slow down; if they don't, it might lower engine power to slow them down. Drivers can disable the technology, though, by pressing the accelerator pedal a little harder.

The EU safety rule also includes other measures including lane-changing assistance, emergency stop signals, tyre pressure monitoring, driver drowsiness warning systems, in-vehicle "black boxes," and emergency stop signals. Both buses and large commercial vehicles as well as passenger cars and light commercial vehicles must adhere to the general standards.

"The introduction of ISA is a significant improvement in road safety and has the potential to significantly lower the number of accidents and fatalities involving motor vehicles. The opportunity to fully utilize ISA's promise to improve road safety for everyone now exists for automakers, according to a press statement from the European Commission.