Editorial Guidelines

This page explains the editing policies and guidelines for Prime 9ja Online.

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There’s a difference between providing information and telling Nigerians what is happening in their vast country – and how events beyond our borders affect them. It’s the goal of our editors and reporters to focus on real people (not just institutions) to show in human terms how events affect our lives.

The world out there is a busy one and every single story needs to convince people that should make out time to read it. If the news report doesn’t strive to be an interesting one or doesn’t tell the reader why they should care, Nigerians will click on another website.

Although our role continues to evolve, the principles that guide our work are unchanged. Everything that we do must be honest, unbiased, and unflinchingly fair. We deal with facts that are demonstrable and supported by sources that are reliable and responsible. We pursue with equal vigour all sides of a story.

Accuracy is fundamental. The Discovery of a mistake calls for immediate correction. Corrections to stories already published or broadcast must not be grudging or stingy. They must be written in a spirit of genuinely wanting to right a wrong in the fairest and fullest manner.

Our work is urgent. The speed must be a primary objective of a news service committed to round-the-clock deadlines. But being reliable is always more important than being fast.

Good taste is a constant consideration. Some essential news is essentially repellent. Its handling need not be.


Our editors and supervisors are responsible for upholding Prime 9ja Online Media's standards. It is impossible to have specific standards covering every circumstance while writing and editing news because there is so much individualism involved. The best method to reach the standards that Nigerians have grown to expect from their Nigerian news website is to follow proven techniques.


One of our responsibilities is to make sure we don't do anything that diminishes the craft or undermines our credibility. Because we bring the unpleasant news about politicians who turn dirty, caretakers who abuse their trust, and business people who ignore ethics for profit, we must follow strict ethical principles and be seen to be doing so.

It's impossible to address all potential ethical issues in one place, but the following guidelines are presented in the spirit of wanting to enhance our work rather than restrict it.
  1. Ethical behavior is nourished by pride in oneself and the profession of journalism.
  2. Prime 9ja Online Media is self-supporting. Nothing should be accepted by staff that could jeopardize our integrity or credibility.
  3. Prime 9ja Online Media does not pay newsmakers for interviews, to take their pictures or to film or record them.
  4. Prime 9ja Online Media reporters do not misrepresent themselves to get a story. They always identify themselves as journalists.


Impartiality is a lot like exercising. To improve tone and strength, you must exercise on a regular basis.
Stopping and asking oneself, "Am I being as unbiased, honest, and fair as I can be?" is the ideal exercise for impartiality.