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We are an independent news organisation whose main goal is to present our readers with factual news. We believe that journalism should be unrestricted and provide an accurate view of the world as it is today.

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A growing news website

As a team, we had the goal of developing Prime 9ja Online, which has realised our dream of becoming Nigeria's most dependable news source. Over the years, Prime 9ja Online has expanded from a renowned news source to one that reaches millions of people globally. In order to keep up with the fast-paced world, we are progressively building our brand through the use of fresh designs and materials, regularly updating our website, and reinvesting in the technologies that support and enhance our reputation.

Our Mission

While retaining authenticity and dependability, we wish to remain Nigeria's primary source of digital news. Every day, we deliver factual news to keep millions of people around the world posted.

We ask the question:

‘How many of our issues may be resolved if not for the media we watch and read?’

News is crucial. It's crucial to hear other people's stories. It is crucial to know what is going on in your immediate vicinity. But far too frequently, the information we learn from the media is skewed and distorts the whole picture of reality.

Problems result from this. Today's problems spread across society as a result of media reports about them. We're trying to break the harmful loop it's in.

Our Values

The mission and values of our founder, Chima Joseph Ugo, are reflected in his desire to help humanity. Establishing ethical standards for journalism and upholding the highest integrity standards is something we feel we have a long-standing responsibility to do.

Our 4 core values:

  1. To report the news accurately and truthfully, without being influenced by anyone.

  2. To avoid actions or behaviours that could result in a conflict of interest.

  3. To never put our ability to report in jeopardy and to stay one step ahead of morality.

  4. To avoid bias and inaccuracy we adhere to a strict set of standards and practices when gathering and delivering news.

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People want to hear this particular news report

People are becoming increasingly conscious of how repetitive a majority of the content we consume is. The public wants the facts, yet contemporary journalism can obscure the truth by generating unneeded commotion and rumour. As a result, many people decide to completely avoid the news.

We're reimagining journalism and reporting in today's world and providing a platform for people to get independent news coverage.

Prime 9ja Online has quickly grown into a powerful media website...

Our approach

Our readers' trust is a result of our high standards. Because it covers all news digitally, the company's tagline is "Advancing digital news."

Whether the stories are about politics, business, metro, sport, war, opinion, or other conflicts, we convey them with objectivity.

We have amply proven who we are and what we stand for by thoroughly covering every story, every detail, and every format.

Our marketing concept of human empowerment is reinforced by engaging and potent journalism.

At Prime 9ja Online, nothing but the truth can be found.

Our brand is developing, and it reacts only to the facts and nothing else.

Our Company

Prime 9ja Online (P9O) is a media/news website owned by Prime 9ja Online Media, a registered corporation managed by the founder, Chima Joseph Ugo in Edo, Nigeria.

The P9O website is funded by Prime 9ja Online Media. All donations made to Prime 9ja Online (P9O) will go to the funder Prime 9ja Online Media because P9O depends on reader donations to meet operating costs. Read more at our funding page.