Russia-Ukraine war: 22 died in Russian rocket attack on Vinnytsia.

Dozens of cars were damaged
 when missiles hit the car park outside a central office block.
At least 22 people, including three children, have been killed by Russian missiles that have targeted a city far from the fighting lines in the east, according to Ukrainian officials.

A further 100 people were reportedly hurt in the incident in Vinnytsia, which is far from the Donbas battleground and southwest of Kyiv.

Three Russian missiles struck an office building and residential structures.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, referred to it as "an clear act of terrorism."

At approximately 10:50 (07:50 GMT), the missiles struck the nine-story office building's parking lot, according to Ukraine's State Emergency Service. Along with residential buildings, Vinnytsia, which has a population of over 370,000, was also damaged by the explosion.

 The Russian defense ministry has not yet responded to the strike, despite the fact that it denies targeting people.

According to the Ukrainian presidency, Kalibr cruise missiles fired from a submarine in the Black Sea were responsible for the strike.

Emergency employees at the scene of the attack in Vinnytsia
According to a senior regional emergency service official, there was "virtually no possibility" of recovering any survivors, they said on local television.

"Russia conducts missile assaults on civilian facilities where there is no military target, kills civilians, including Ukrainian children, every day. What else is this but an outright act of terrorism?" In a post on social media, Mr. Zelensky made a public statement.

The bombing happened immediately before a conference in The Hague on alleged Russian war crimes, where EU foreign and justice ministers were scheduled to meet.

Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, charged that Russia's assault on Vinnytsia constituted "another war crime."

He wrote, "We will prosecute Russian war criminals for every drop of Ukrainian blood and tears."
The concert hall in the city where Roxolana, a Ukrainian pop singer, was scheduled to perform tonight was damaged in the attack.

All of her team members were hurt, and one person died, she wrote on Instagram. She stated that one member of her squad is fighting for his life.

We pray for their lives as well as the lives of everyone today who is afflicted, she stated. 

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