APGA hails Charles Soludo’s rehabilitation of Anambra community

APGA hails Charles Soludo’s rehabilitation of Anambra community
The governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has received praise from the All Progressives Grand Alliance for the village of Okpoko's infrastructure renovation.

The group said that the governor was keeping his word to improve the area and make it more livable for the populace.

According to a statement released on Friday by Chinedu Obigwe, the national coordinator of the APGA Media Warriors Forum, Soludo kept his pledge to visit Okpoko upon taking office and hasn't stopped since.

One promise made by Soludo, according to Obigwe, that could be quickly forgotten was his pledge to transform Okpoko and its surroundings, which the governor, according to Obigwe, has been working diligently to carry out for the sake of his people.

He pointed out that the state had awarded contract for the construction of 14 kilometres of street roads in Okpoko.

According to him, they are: Obodoukwu-Owerri Road, Ogbuagu-Ik Onuora-Anumudu Mgbuka Amazu-Owerri Road, Eden Road-School Road-Awalite Ojoto-Owerri Road, School Road-Umuobom street-Ojoto street junction, Umuobom St (Ojoto St junction)-Adazi Ani St-Owerri Road, among others.

He said, “Soludo is honestly a prayer answered and the awaited messiah that has arrived. His mission of transforming Anambra to a state ndi Anambra can be proud of is being actualised.

“The words on the lips of every onye Anambra as at today is that the governor is a meticulous person and a man that keeps to his promise.

“With the construction of 14 kilometres of street roads in Okpoko, the whole area will turn to small London.

“We will not forget that Okpoko was a neglected area before but that neglected area is where Soludo is starting his administration transformation agenda.”

The party stressed that the efforts of the governor had wiped away the tears of the inhabitants of the area.

The statement added, “He has used the provision of dividends of good governance to give them succour. With this commendable gesture of Soludo for Okpoko people, they will remain eternally grateful to him.

“He is not stopping at the construction of roads for Okpoko people, he has many other dividends of good governance to bring to the people.

“Another interesting thing is that the road contract is expected to be completed by the contractor this December 2022 or latest January 2023.

“This is an evidence to prove that he is eager to transform Anambra State and that he will not tolerate any delay tactics.”
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