Arunma Oteh: Why I endorsed Peter Obi for presidency

Arunma Oteh: Why I endorsed Peter Obi for presidency
Former World Bank Vice President Arunma Oteh has defended her decision to support Dr Peter Obi of the Labour Party as Nigeria's next president.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, the economist stated that she cannot remain neutral in the election of Nigeria's President because the country is in desperate need of leadership.

According to her, the Labour Party's Presidential candidate, Dr Peter Obi, is the best contender for Nigeria's top post in 2023.

One of her tweets read: “My choice is unequivocal and this is based on Peter Obi’s stellar track record. I had the honour to serve with him on Nigeria’s Economic Management Team chaired by the President and so my basis is not hearsay. He stands out, and Nigeria is in a desperate situation.

“The stakes for Nigeria are too high. I cannot, in good conscience, sit on the fence. The situation is desperate and Nigerians will need to work hard to #TakeBackNaija.”

Another tweet read “No country can afford corruption, and certainly not Nigeria, a nation of 200 million with 100 million living in poverty almost 62 years post-independence despite huge resources and enormous talent.”

She also responded to both positive and negative comments left on her page on the wake of her endorsement.
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