Charly Boy: I’m yet to endorse any presidential candidate

Charly Boy: I’m yet to endorse any presidential candidate
Charles Oputa, better known by his stage as Charly Boy, said he has not yet endorsed a candidate for the upcoming general election in 2023.

During an interview with Arise TV, he said this.

The presidential contenders, according to the social activist, have yet to present a "new story" and "inspire hope," which is what caused him to hesitate.

He emphasised that he would "interact with and question" the applicants.

Charly Boy said that by November, he will choose his favourite candidate.

When asked about his preferred candidate, he said: “I’ve been under intense pressure to say who my preferred candidate is, but I’ll say that at my own time when it is right,” Charly Boy said.

“It’s because I still have to interact with and interrogate as many candidates as possible so that I know exactly what I’m telling my children to do.”

“They have to come up with a different story, not the one we’ve been used to for a long time. They have to inspire hope, that person must be who we look up to and emulate.

“We have the history of most candidates, we know what’s what, and part of the problems we have today is ourselves.

“However, I think hopelessness has united a lot of outstanding, exceptional youths of this country, and I just hope that this great change that we desire, that we so badly need, will happen at least while I’m still alive.”
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