Court dissolves two-year marriage for lack of love

Court dissolves two-year marriage for lack of love
Aisha Ari, a civil servant, and her estranged husband, Ibrahim Hassan, were divorced on Monday by a Grade I Area Court in Kubwa, Abuja, for lack of love.

Following Ari's plea to the court for a divorce, the judge, Malam Muhammad Adamu, dissolved the marriage in accordance with Islamic Law.

Additionally, Adamu commanded Ari to wait three months following the ruling, or "Iddah," before entering into another marriage.

Ari should pick up her divorce decree from the court registry, he noted.

When Hassan last appeared in court on August 2, Ari had informed the judge that she had not seen him since.

She said since Aug. 2, there had not been move to settle the matter out of court.

The plaintiff told the court that she had fallen out of love with her husband whom she married according to the Islamic Personal Law.

”I do not feel comfortable around Hassan. I beg the court to dissolve the marriage on grounds of lack of love,” she said.

Pleadings by Hassan to the court for two weeks to consult with his parents and in-laws over the issue failed because Ari broke down in tears and told the court that she would not want to see Hassan anymore.

”I do not want to see him again. I do not feel safe and comfortable around him. He has the house keys. He should move his belongings and leave,” she told the court.
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