Edo@31: Godwin Obaseki seeks support to sustain institutional reforms

Edo@31: Godwin Obaseki seeks support to sustain institutional reforms
Edo State's Governor Godwin Obaseki has asked citizens to support his administration's efforts to maintain institutional changes across various facets of governance in order to improve everyone's quality of life.

As Edo State approaches its 31st anniversary of its inception in 1991, the governor spoke to reporters in Benin City about the state's achievements to date. He noted that the state had changed dramatically at that point due to the state's population having doubled. The institutions inherited 31 years ago have drastically degraded while the population has more than doubled.

“One of the things we are doing as a government is to rebuild our institutions to strengthen the quality of the civil service, quality of education and quality of healthcare services, and make it the best in the country.

“Our challenge is how do we improve the standard of our institutions and get them back to the standard we are used to and possibly exceed such standards? I urge the people of Edo State to continue to be hopeful, as Benin City is now a hub and destination for investment.

“We are working tirelessly as an administration, creating a peaceful and business friendly environment, wooing potential investors and making the state an investment hub. The state is already full of traffic as many are coming into the state. Something good is happening in Edo State that all wants to be part of.”
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