Ian Wordi: Nigeria’s movie industry is more well-paid than Ghana

Ian Wordi: Nigeria’s movie industry is more well-paid than Ghana
On Showbiz 360, Ghanaian actor Ian Wordi explained why he isn't more active in the country's film industry. He admits that the more lucrative and diverse Nigerian film industry is where his attention is focused.

Ian notes that the expansion of movie theatre options in Nigeria has opened up additional career options for actors like himself.

“I’m working more in Nigeria now because that’s where the industry is now. You know in Ghana, we don’t sell CDs anymore, so we are not doing as good as we used to be. Nigeria is more diversifying. There’s Netflix, Show Max and all of that. So it’s a more lucrative place to work now. It pays more.”

Ian Wordi, who started as a model, made a swift transition onto the screens six years ago. He speaks about the transition, “From modelling than someway branch into acting. But I also knew I will do acting at some point. You know how I went for a couple of auditions, they picked me, and I was like, yes, I could do this and make money out of it.”

Ian is currently in Ghana shooting for Shirley Frimpong’s Dede.
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