Kano governor sympathises with victims of collapsed building

Kano governor sympathises with victims of collapsed building
In the Kano metropolis' Beirut Road GSM market, a three-story building under construction collapsed. When the building collapsed yesterday at around 3:25 pm, people were trapped. According to witnesses, it was thought that several individuals were trapped in the debris.

They claimed that because of the weight of the sand and shattered bricks, several of the people inside the building at the time it collapsed could not be saved.

At initially, four persons were saved, but locals bemoaned the rescue team's tardy arrival.

News reporters learned that the building collapsed beneath market booths. One of the trapped victims was his friend, according to an eyewitness.

The witness, whose emotions could not be held back, reported that his friend answered his phone and stated he was suffocating.

An excavator was reportedly on the ground to aid in rescue attempts, according to a member of the rescue squad who arrived early at the area.

Many people have been saved and sent to the hospital, according to Saminu Yusuf, the Kano State Fire Service's public relations officer.

In the meantime, the Kano state administration postponed the commissioners-designate swearing-in ceremony that had been scheduled for today in honour of those who were trapped in the collapsed building.

Malam Muhammad Garba, the information commissioner, released a statement in which the governor while expressing sympathy for the victims, ordered stepped-up rescue efforts to reach those buried beneath the wreckage.

While lamenting the unfortunate incident, he assured all that investigation is ongoing to unravel the cause of the collapsed structure which was under construction.

The statement also shared the sad moment with the victims of Monday’s flooding that occurred in many parts of the metropolis, during which valuable items were lost in the deluge.