LASTMA arrests traffic mayor, impostor for illegal operation

LASTMA arrests traffic mayor, impostor for illegal operation
Ibrahim Abu, a member of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority's Special Traffic Mayor, and impostor Olamide Oshin have both been detained for forcibly detaining a logistic biker in the state's Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way region.

In a statement released by the agency on Friday, Olumide Filade said Abu had printed a bogus identification card for Oshin in order for him to operate illegally. He also added that the two of them had been turned over to the police.

He said, “Two purported Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Special Traffic Mayors, Ibrahim Abu and Olamide Oshin, were arrested yesterday by a patrol team from LASTMA Headquarter on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, around 12.30pm at the Sheraton Hotel bus stop, Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, for illegally apprehending a logistic motorcyclist.

“Remember that there have been incidences of impersonation of LASTMA personnel by some unscrupulous members of the public in time past. This is one of such cases which the agency has vowed to handle with the laws of the state.

“Upon proper investigation, it was discovered that Ibrahim Abu was truly a LASTMA STM. He obtained another mayor’s reflective jacket number to print a fake identity card for Olamide Oshin in order to perpetuate fraudulent acts and thereby whip up public sentiments against lawful officers on traffic management duties.

“The two culprits, who have been handed over to the police at Area F, are cooling their heels in police custody. It is pertinent to note here that the creation of LASTMA STM was a strategy adopted to increase voluntary assistance for authorised traffic personnel in traffic management, as the operational guideline of the STMs does not authorise them to apprehend traffic offenders.”

Filade said the General Manager LASTMA, Bolaji Oreagba, noted that, not too long ago, the agency noted a fake online publication soliciting membership and training as a special traffic mayor for a fee.

“The agency promptly responded and debunked the publication via a press statement and on the electronic media. He also promised that the culprits will be prosecuted to serve as deterrent to others with similar intentions.

“Oreagba hereby enjoined the public to always say something when they see something instead of attacking government officials carrying out their lawful duties.

“This is because fellow logistics motorcycle riders were already gathering at the spot of the incidence, in order to launch an attack on LASTMA officials. He also added that what the agency is advocating is voluntary compliance,” Filade said.
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