Libyan comedian killed while filming Tripoli clashes on Instagram

Libyan comedian killed while filming Tripoli clashes on Instagram
Libyans have become interested in the narrative of one of the martyrs, Mustafa Baraka, as a result of the fighting that occurred over the weekend in Tripoli, the country's capital.

Known for making fun of Libya's leaders and militias for being dishonest and engaged in continual fighting, Baraka was a well-known comedian from Libya who had made appearances on television and was well-liked online.

On Saturday, as fighting began in his Tripoli neighbourhood, Baraka made the decision to go live on Instagram to share his observations with his followers.

“One last picture before I die,” Baraka told his followers.

Baraka was later shot by a stray bullet in the chest, leading to his death.

The Libyan health ministry said on Sunday that 32 people were killed in the violence and 159 were injured.

Militias backing the United Nations-recognised government based in Tripoli and the forces loyal to rival Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha have been engaged in the gun fighting threatening the civilian population, with health officials urging for a truce to evacuate people and to provide safe passage to aid the injured.

Tensions have simmered since Bashagha was appointed prime minister in February by the eastern parliament based in Tobruk, with Prime Minister Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, the head of the UN-recognised Government of National Unity (GNU), refusing to cede power.

The GNU says it has taken control of the capital after the worst fighting in two years.
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