Report: Lagos leads African cities in traffic congestion

Report: Lagos leads African cities in traffic congestion
Lagos, the commercial metropolis of Nigeria, has received the lowest ranking among African cities that struggle with traffic congestion.

On Friday, Business Insider reported that among the seven cities in the Dark Continent that were examined, Lagos had the highest traffic index at 348.69.

“The traffic index is the percentage of additional time a road trip takes due to congestion,” the report explained.

Besides Lagos, other African cities enumerated in the report are Nairobi and Cairo – Kenya and Egypt capital cities – coming second and third with 256.39 and 244.23 respectively.

The other four are South African cities – Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban having 230.51, 211.92, 201.29 and 121.29 respectively.

Stating reasons for traffic congestion in these cities, the report said, “Poor road networks, poor driving and inadequate road management systems are some causes of traffic congestion across African cities.”
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