Satguru Maharaj: Nigeria situation not beyond redemption

Satguru Maharaj: Nigeria situation not beyond redemption
According to Satguru Maharaj ji, the founder of One Love Family, Nigerian citizens shouldn't feel hopeless and depressed because the situation in their country is yet reversible.

Maharaj ji stated, "We have everything it takes to establish a wonderful, rich, technologically sophisticated nation, however we are reputed for backwardness," while addressing journalists in Lagos about the state of the country. Despite having an abundance of valuable human resources, we lack the necessary staff because many eggheads were compelled to leave because of socioeconomic and political conditions.

He claimed that our society frustrates these experts rather than utilising their skills and knowledge, which makes them assets and blessings to other countries.

He said it is regrettable that Nigeria had more stop overs and setbacks than actual development.

Maharaj ji said there has been one identifiable great factor to Nigeria’s undoing and that it is the lack of good leadership.

“It’s leadership that determines many things in society, and when leaders are bad, things must fall apart. In fact it is not our economy, or civil service, or social service or police that are really defective but our leaders since the onset “, he said.

He however assured Nigerians that no power can shake or dismember Nigeria’s nationhood as she gradually evolves as creation’s stronghold and creator’s laboratory for the crystallization of a new world order

“In other words, unlike those who ate, dined and now claiming Nigeria is a failed state, we want them to know that hope is not lost in Project Nigeria because there is an encompassing ball of light glittering at the end of the tunnel, come what may,” Maharaj ji said.
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