Two drown in large waterway flood in Zamfara

At least two persons have perished in a sizable river at the Fira-da Kwaddi hamlet in Gusau, Zamfara State, which is now being restoration.

Many homes and farms were reportedly destroyed when the flood overflowed and engulfed the entire area.

According to three witnesses, they attempted to save the victims, but they tragically perished in the course of the rescue operation.

A 21-year-old man and his uncle entered the water to save their nephew, according to one of the survivors, but they all perished as the water's pressure overwhelmed them. In contrast, the three people who were on a rescue mission escaped.

“We did all we could to rescue the two but in the end, we fell victims and shouted for assistance which some experts in our area saved our lives” one of the survivors added.

He explained that the rescuers found the dead body of the man who was to rescue his nephew but the first victim’s dead body could not be found at the time of filing this report.

However, the father of the late victim, Malam Adamu said the incident was very unfortunate and prayed for the repose of the departed souls.
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