Umpire Caught Swearing on Hot Mic During Padres-Giants Game (Video)

During the Padres vs. Giants game on Tuesday night, a Major League Baseball umpire made a costly error when he overheard swearing during a message played over the loud speakers at Oracle Park.

First baseman Brandon Drury of the Padres grounded into what seemed to be an inning-ending double play in the top of the second inning. However, San Diego manager Bob Melvin swiftly decided to contest the decision on the field, which prompted an immediate replay review.

First base umpire Adrian Johnson announced the reversal of the call after making the initial call and returning to the field. Before he made his statement, his microphone caught him using an expletive.

“After review,” Johnson said before double-checking his mic. “Ooh s---. After review, the call on the field is overturned. The runner is safe. San Diego retains their challenge.”

Johnson used some foul language, as if he wasn't sure whether his microphone was on and was checking to be sure. Unfortunately for him, the microphone was already in use, so thousands of baseball fans at the game as well as many more watching at home heard about his mistake.
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