Bola Tinubu meets Bishops, says choice of Kashim Shettima not threat to Christians

Bola Tinubu meets Bishops, says choice of Kashim Shettima not threat to Christians
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress' (APC) presidential candidate, met with a few Christian clergy members under the auspices of the Pentecostal Bishops Forum of Northern Nigeria.

During the discussion, Tinubu revealed that Kashim Shettima, a former governor of Borno State, was not a danger to the Christian community.

Only competence can address the political and socioeconomic problems plaguing the country, he continued, adding that his decision was not influenced by religious reasons.

The APC candidate for president claimed that he has always been a friend of the Christian community and that voters should assess him based on his prior accomplishments, future ambitions, and agenda for improving Nigeria.

“How will Nigeria develop? How do we banish hunger? How do we improve the insecurity and how do we eliminate killing one another, shedding of blood of innocent citizens, that is what we must take to the office and not our religion.

“My intention is clear, not religiosity. My intention is to develop this country, to bring prosperity to our country and I have better qualification, better track records, better exposure, better vision than any of my mates.

“When the shortlisted names came, I looked at the characters on the list, their background and everything and here is somebody (Kassim Shetimma) who is so brilliant, so committed, who, during the crisis in Borno protected Christians,” he said.

The bishops, however, said the meeting is not affirmation they’ll endorse APC’s candidate.

Chairman of Pentecostal Bishops Forum of Northern Nigeria, Archbishop John Praise, said, “We are not committed to endorsing anybody, but you should ask your conscience and from what you have heard and from the explanation, he (Tinubu) had given to us to make your own judgement of who will better rule and handle the country.”
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