Charly Boy: I don’t have candidate but I’m ’Obidient’ to Nigerian youths

Charly Boy: I don’t have candidate but I’m ’Obidient’ to Nigerian youths
Charles Oputa, a well-known entertainer in Nigeria also known as Charly Boy or Area Father, has insisted that he has no preference for a candidate in the 2023 presidential race.

The seasoned performer said during a segment of the morning show Kaakaki on African Independent Television (AIT) that while he didn't have a candidate in mind, he was sympathetic to the aspirations of young Nigerians and that he was "Obidient" to their cause.

Oputa used the occasion to call on Nigerians to begin holding their leaders responsible, asserting that for decades, they have presided over their country without being held accountable. He also reiterated the possibility of an explosion should the aspirations of the younger generation be disregarded.

“In 2023, I don’t have a candidate but I go towards the way the young people are going and they call themselves Obidients.

“I see their drive and their urge so I can say that I am also Obidient. If that makes me be Obi supporter, that is it. Those who have put us in this hopelessness, we know them and we can point them out.

“As a young Nigerian youth, please vote to your conscience and vote for those that you think can make meaning out of your lives.

“Nigerian people are my constituency and I am part of them. We cannot afford to rig this election.

“Any attempt to rig this election, you will get the full red eyes vexation of the Nigerian youths; there is frustration and anger in the land.

“The rulers do not have us in their hearts and they don’t think for us as well and that is why the young ones have risen up.

“Young Nigerians will deliver a shocker in this country and it will shock everyone including myself and I am happy I will see it in my lifetime.

“We should hold the leaders accountable and make them realise that the office of the leaders is not more important than the office of the citizens.

“Holding accountable is what we have never done for decades and if we don’t do that, the leaders will sleep back to their old ways.

“There is hunger in the land and the youths are traumatised,” he said.
Chima Ugo is a patriotic Nigerian, a journalist, blogger and singer who is so much interested in the internet, journalism, and blogging and have been for half a decade.