Delta 2023: Kenneth Gbagi cannot win his ward – Charles Aniagwu

Delta 2023: Kenneth Gbagi cannot win his ward – Charles Aniagwu
Chief Kenneth Gbagi, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate for governor, has been warned by Delta State Commissioner of Information Mr Charles Aniagwu to stop his campaign of slander and blackmail against the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

This development has nothing to do with Chief Kenneth Gbagi, the SDP’s candidate for governor, recent utterances in which he indicted the PDP candidate and the party.

Mr Charles Aniagwu said during a press conference yesterday in Asaba that the SDP’s candidate for governor in the future election in 2023 will not be able to win his ward.

Aniagwu said that the former PDP member’s remarks were motivated by resentment for losing the governorship primary before switching to the SDP.

He criticised the former Minister of State for Education for his ongoing criticism of the PDP and its candidate, claiming that rather than considering his platform, he went out of his way to misinform Deltans.

Even though he was aware of the staff members’ mistreatment, he claimed the SDP candidate had a poor track record of treating people respectfully.

“If a man cannot run his personal business, how can he manage Delta State” he asserted.

He berated the chances of the SDP in the Guber polls saying that he cannot win elections in his ward, so how does he want to win 25 local governments?

He reiterated that the current situation has not affected the winning machine of the party in the state.

“We have what it takes to win elections. We are convinced we would re-enact what we have done since 1999,” he stated.