Don Jazzy slams critics over sexual content

Don Jazzy slams critics over sexual content
Don Jazzy, the CEO of Mavin Records, has lambasted online trolls who have criticised him for posting sexual content online.

The head of the record company, known for consistently encouraging up-and-coming artists and businesspeople, posted a distressing video of a slippery cucumber that was used to promote a sexual product on his Instagram profile.

Contrary to other posts on his page, the video received three times as many views, and many people criticised Don Jazzy for its explicit content.

The music producer responded to the critics by calling them hypocrites and claiming that some individuals who denounced the post were already buying it.

According to the 39-year-old, he tries as much as possible to support people’s businesses without collecting money, but some people will not like or comment on the post.

He wrote: “So I think some of you are hypocrites. Every day I try as much as possible to support people’s businesses and people hustle by either posting their songs or comedy skits.

“Some of you look at it and keep scrolling. Maybe you didn’t like the content or give a f**k about it, but that’s okay. We will keep hustling. Now I post slippery cucumber, and the number is crazy.

“Some people complained that they don’t like it, then keep scrolling. By the way, as the hypocrites are complaining, the young lady that owns the business has informed me that she is making mad sales already anyways, and that’s what matters to me. If you don’t like the content, keep scrolling like you ignore every other content.

“it’s free ad by the way. Like I always say I have never charged any small business or content creator for a repost.”
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