Don: TSA has failed to curb corruption in Nigeria

Lawyer Obara, a professor of accounting at River State University, has revealed that the Treasury Single Account (TSA) programme has not had the intended effect of reducing corruption in the public sector.

Speaking at the third Candido Da Rocha annual memorial lecture, which was hosted at the Osogbo campus of Osun State University, he noted that even though the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has been implemented, public employees are still being arrested for stealing billions of naira from a public account.

Obara said: “The issue of fraud and corruption is still high even with TSA implementation thus calling to question the ethical and moral justification for its implementation. Government must put adequate measures toward poverty reduction. TSA cannot be effective where there is a high level of poverty.

“There should be strong legislation to back TSA policy with stringent punishment for those who fail to comply to it at all levels. Such laws should make it illegal to operate separate accounts by all levels of government aside from the approved accounts for TSA implementation.”