DSS: We don’t abduct Nigerians

DSS: We don’t abduct Nigerians
The Department of State Services (DSS) asserted that contrary to what was falsely asserted in a post by an internet media, its agents do not kidnap Nigerians.

According to a statement by Dr. Peter Afunanya, the DSS's public relations officer in Abuja, the agency only conducts its operations within the bounds of the law.

He claimed that Amnesty International had claimed in an online source that the DSS had been kidnapping innocent Nigerians under President Muhammadu Buhari's administration.

The report was rejected by Afunanya as untrue and an intentional effort to harm the Service's reputation.

“Whether reported by the online platform or Amnesty International, the Service outrightly denies this misleading narrative. It does not abduct Nigerians.

“At no time has the agency embarked on its actions without following laid down procedures in respect of obtaining warrants of arrest or orders for detention from competent legal authorities.

“The claim of abduction or use of enforced disappearances is an absolute lie and a make-up narrative designed to bring the Service to disrepute,” he said.

He claims that the DSS upholds the law and is dedicated to safeguarding the public and important government facilities.

He gave his word that the service will keep up its duty of gathering intelligence and promptly providing it to the appropriate action agencies and stakeholders.

“Public attention should, however, be drawn to the deliberate and determined efforts of the publisher of the online platform to use his medium to undermine law and order.

“He is known to have, on several occasions, engaged in false and distorted publications to misinform the public,” he added.

Afunanya urged the publisher and his allies to refrain from actions that may jeopardise the country's peace and security.

He asked media professionals in the nation to rise above local concerns and sanitise their industry to weed out quacks.
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