Hope Uzodinma: I’ll stop at nothing to protect Imo citizens

Hope Uzodinma: I’ll stop at nothing to protect Imo citizens
Senator Hope Uzodinma, the governor of Imo State, has reaffirmed the commitment of his administration to safeguarding people's lives and property in Imo state.

Governor Hope Uzodinma said that an illegal bomb plant was successfully neutralised during the security incident at the Eke Ututu market in the Orsu Local Government during a press conference in Owerri, the state's capital. The Governor claimed that the courageous efforts of the guys in the State's security forces allowed the operation to be completed successfully.

In addition, Governor Uzodinma assured that the village and its surroundings would return to normality as a result of the operation's success against illicit bomb makers.

The Governor urged all peace-loving citizens and friends of Imo State to always alert security agencies or the Government of suspicious activity in their locality capable of undermining peace and security.

He promised that while the fight to secure and protect the lives and prosperities of Ndi Imo can never be compromised, the Government will rebuild the Eke Ututu market and compensate those impacted by the operation.
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