IPOB urges South, Middle-Belt to reject National Grazing Bill

IPOB urges South, Middle-Belt to reject National Grazing Bill
Concerned over the reported Federal Government plan to revive the National Grazing Bill before the National Assembly, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have issued a statement.

According to the group, this is just another government scheme to give Fulani herdsmen in southern and central Nigeria full access to land parcels.

Then it urged the Middle-Belt and Southern senators to vote against the proposed legislation.

This was said by IPOB in a statement released on Sunday by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful.

The statement partly read: “The family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra is here again to raise alarm over the introduction of National Grazing Reserve Council Bill (NGRCB) to the National Assembly Chambers in Abuja.

“The bill is another way of introducing the waterways bill to hand the Indigenous People’s lands to the fulanis in Nigeria.

“The Government of Nigeria must know that IPOB will always decode their gimmicks from whatever angle they come.

“The waterways bills were testing the waters and this recent Grazing bill instruction is where they plan to spend huge amount of cash to lobby the unaware and uncaring politicians at the National Assembly.

“The National Assembly members especially those from the South and Middle Belt regions must be careful to always watch their backs.

“If they venture and pass this bill against the wish of their people and if they accept bribery or political favour and support such bill, they will live to regret it.”