Iran restricts WhatsApp, Instagram as protests grow.

Iran restricts WhatsApp, Instagram as protests grow.
Following the ongoing protest in Iran, major social media platforms have been prohibited due to the death of Masha Amini, who was detained in Tehran for reportedly wearing "an inappropriate clothing" and improperly donning her hijab headscarf.

According to locals and internet watchdog NetBlocks, access to Instagram and WhatsApp was restricted in the nation.

Millions of Iranians were left without access to the internet due to a "nation-scale loss of connectivity" on the networks of two different companies and Iran's leading mobile phone operator, according to NetBlocks.

Hours after Instagram's services were disabled, various internet service providers affected WhatsApp's servers, according to London-based NetBlocks.

Citizens are unable to send videos and images of what is happening without the use of the internet.

Masha Amini allegedly suffered a stroke and a heart attack while being held at the "guidance centre," and she eventually passed away after being taken to the hospital.

Her family refuted the Iranian authorities' allegations, stating that she had no pre-existing conditions.

In some areas of the Islamic Region, social media websites including TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are frequently restricted. Virtual private networks (VPNs), however, are frequently used by tech-savvy locals to get around barriers.

According to Netblocks, this interruption is the "most serious" to have occurred since the 2019 gasoline protests when the internet was shut down.