Labour Party chairman cautions Peter Obi’s supporters against violence

Labour Party chairman cautions Peter Obi’s supporters against violence
Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), has received a warning from Ogar Osim, chairman of the party in Cross River, not to use violence or incite hatred.

While discussing the best method party supporters should act in support of the party with newsmen in Calabar on Thursday, Osim delivered the suggestion.

The suggestion, according to newsmen, was crucial as the party prepared to receive Obi and open the secretariat that had been given to it by one of its senatorial candidates, Daniel Asuquo.

The 2 million-person march for Obi in Cross River takes place simultaneously with the opening of the new party's secretariat in Calabar.

He claimed that because of his well-known antecedents, the party's presidential candidate was not difficult to promote or advertise.

“As supporters of our great party, you don’t need to be unruly; we are obedient supporters of a very marketable candidate of a fast growing political party in Africa.

“We do not have any need to abuse any one, spread hate speech or even incite people against the other.

“Our principal is well educated and the several schools he attended are traceable and verifiable, he has impeccable credentials both in education, business and leadership, so it is not difficult at all to present him for election,” he noted.

He said it was important for everyone to be conversant with the party’s logo even in the rural areas, which was a family, representing the father mother and children.

He added that the enlightenment was important because Nigerians knew Obi but many didn’t know the LP logo, So they must begin now to educate the people about their logo.