Lagos waste contractors hike fees, cite diesel cost

Lagos waste contractors hike fees, cite diesel cost
The cost of truck spare parts, according to several waste contractors in Lagos State, has increased as a result of the increase in diesel prices and exchange rates.

According to a circular from one of the contractors, Excellent Links Int'l Co., diesel that was supplied for N255 in 2021 is now being sold for between N770 and N820.

Another circular by TUNAP waste company, dated September 19, signed by Tosin Odewole, directed to customers, read, “Due to the rise in the price of diesel which recently has risen from N255 per litre to over N800 per litre as of today, and the high exchange rate which has affected the prices of various spare parts of our trucks, we are constrained to increase our service charge to your facilities as stated below:

“A Room N900 Monthly; a self contain N1,750 monthly; a domestic shop N 1,000 monthly; a flat N2,000; and duplex N3,500 monthly.

“The new rate shall take effect from November 1, 2022.”
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