Linus Idahosa appointed to the George Washington University’s GEIF board

Linus Idahosa appointed to the George Washington University’s GEIF board
Mr. Linus Idahosa, the CEO of Del York International Group, has been chosen to serve on the founding board of the George Washington University's Global ESG Impact Investment Forum (GEIF). The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) launched the GEIF, which is supported by the school's Institute for Corporate Responsibility.

The George Washington University (GWU) is a private, federally regulated research university that was founded in 1821 by the US Congress. It is the largest higher education facility in the Washington, DC, area and one of the most well regarded universities worldwide.

Impact investing is a novel approach to funding projects and investment opportunities that prioritises sustainability and good corporate governance.

The ESG board is comprised of top industry leaders, present and past government officials, and scholars with a membership cap of only 30 members.

“The appointment, a confirmation of Mr. Linus Idahosa’s global entrepreneurial credentials, is itself an opportunity to bring the important benefits and deep untapped potential of impact investing to Nigeria and Africa as a whole” says Jefferey Stoddard, Adjunct Professor of Real Estate Investment at GWU.

Dean Mehrotra, a member of the Economic Club of Washington, DC and the Dean of the George Washington University School of Business, in company of the the Director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR), John Forrer both congratulated Linus and welcomed him to the board.

In his response to the appointment, Linus Idahosa said “I am deeply honored to have been appointed to the board of George Washington University’s Global ESG Impact Investment Forum, especially coming from a country and Continent where the potential opportunities for impact investing are immeasurable. I hope to bring to bear my unique sectoral and regional experience in making the most of the opportunity for all the stakeholders of the GWU community, my Continent and the world at large.”

The board will be inaugurated in Washington DC this fall.
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