Lokoja Catholic Bishop tells Govt to deploy fresh security ideas

Lokoja Catholic Bishop tells Govt to deploy fresh security ideas
Most Reverend Martins Olunrumonu, the Catholic Bishop of Lokoja Diocese, has urged the federal government to look for innovative solutions to the nation's problems with insecurity, especially because houses of worship are increasingly becoming targets of robbers.

Following the recent kidnapping of several of its priests, Bishop Martins of the Catholic Diocese of Lokoja stated at the diocesan security summit that it looks the Nigerian government is impotent and needs to seek assistance to address the security breaches in the nation.

Priests have become convenient targets for kidnappers, thus Bishop Olunrumonu urged them to remain vigilant at all times.

He claimed that the necessity for the summit was driven by the kidnapping of its priests, most recently Reverend Father Christopher Ohutu from the mission in Obangede, as well as other security breaches in houses of worship in Nigeria.

Diocesan Chancellor, Reverend Father Augustine Okafor, asked the government to establish employment possibilities for the idle yet energetic adolescents because poverty and poor economic conditions were seen as some of the push factors for crime in the country.

The summit's resource speakers, who were recruited from the Department of State Services and other security organisations, offered security advice for domestic and parish-based emergencies under the theme: managing modern security issues of our day.
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