NECA, LCCI, CIPM, NIM set agenda for incoming government

NECA, LCCI, CIPM, NIM set agenda for incoming government
The Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association, NIM, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management in Nigeria, CIPM, and the Lagos Chambers of Commerce & Industry, LCCI, yesterday outlined the agenda for the new government in advance of the general elections in 2023.

The four economic groups specifically recommended the incoming administration to concentrate on agricultural growth, blaming a lack of food supplies for the nation's mounting insecurity.

Leaders of the four institutions lamented that the Russia-Ukraine war disrupted the supply chain of essential agricultural products, especially wheat, at a briefing in Lagos about the upcoming 38th Omolayole Management Lecture Series, scheduled for Thursday, September 29. They emphasised that the need for a sustainable policy on agriculture had become more crucial for the entire world.

The annual Omolayole Management Lecture Series was inaugurated 38 years ago in honour of Dr. Michael Omolayole, the doyen of management, industrial and human resources practice in Nigeria, who was also former president of NECA, NIM, CIPM and LCCI.

Briefing on behalf of the four institutions, President of NECA, Mr Taiwo Adeniyi, said this year’s edition, with the theme, “Sustainable Development of the Agriculture Sector for National Well-being” was unique.

Adeniyi said “This year’s edition is unique as there will be a change of government in a few months time. So we want to put in place what the coming government should be looking at, what they can start working with.

“You know insufficient food is the reason there is high rate of insecurity. So we choose agriculture as what will be a policy statement for the coming president.

“With the recent upsurge in banditry in the North and some other areas, which has created impediments for farmers going to farm to harvest crops, the importance of agriculture has been further brought to the fore.”

Speaking more on the lecture series, he said it had continued to serve as alternative policy formations for the government over time.

“The event over the years has become a policy advocacy gathering where stakeholders in the Nigerian project meet and discuss critical issues as it concerns the nation. And as new government is coming, we expect the new to take advantage of the outcome of the event to development and move the agriculture sector forward.”
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