Ohanaeze Ndigbo: Attack on Ifeanyi Ubah very disturbing

Ohanaeze Ndigbo: Attack on Ifeanyi Ubah very disturbing
The leading Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has called the attack on Senator Ifeanyi Ubah on Sunday, which left roughly six of his aides, including police escorts, thought dead, while comments to the incident are still coming in, "extremely worrying."

This comes as the Young Progressive Party, or YPP, leadership has called for prompt action and a review of the security system in the South East geopolitical region.

The incident was deemed "wicked, savage, diabolical, and an outrage to the Igbo country," according to the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders or COSEYL.

Dr Alex Ogbonnia, the national publicity secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, told our correspondent that killing had never been a part of Igbo culture in the past and questioned whether those responsible for the ongoing senseless killings in the South East are actually Igbo.

He urged for action and denounced the heinous deed as unacceptable.

His words: “This is very disturbing. I feel so sad about it. In Igbo land in the past, killing was an abominable act, a taboo and something that was not contemplated.

“Anybody that killed would be ostracized. Killing is objectionable, repulsive which a normal person doesn’t even want to contemplate.

“But most, unfortunately, the development in South East now is worrisome. I sometimes wonder if those behind these heinous crimes are really Igbo.

“We have our values, our virtues, norms and culture that are being extolled and which people tend to emulate. But I don’t understand what is happening now with our core Igbo values.

“I’m disturbed. What are we supposed to hand over to the next generation as Igbo values and norms? How are we even sure it will not degenerate and become worse?

The Ohanaeze chieftain also expressed disgust over the Killing of a Community leader at Agukwunri on Sunday.

“I also feel sad that an Onowu, a highly revered personality from Agukwunri who came to purchase something at Orieukwu market was shot dead. This sends a wrong signal.”

The Ohanaeze chieftain blamed the rising insecurity in the country on bad governance and leadership failure, saying it can only end with the enthronement of good governance.

“No matter the military presence the only thing that can solve the problem in Nigeria is to bring good governance. And the only way to bring good governance is through a credible election. By the time we have a credible election, and good people come to preside over the affairs of the country, the economy will be stimulated.

“When that is done, there will be employment and crime will reduce. There is no way you can reduce crime when there is a high rate of unemployment.

“So, what is happening in the country now is the effect of bad governance, bad leadership, unemployment, induced poverty, greed and primitive accumulation of wealth by the leaders.

“So, the only way to solve it is when we change the leadership through the democratic revolution, then these things will begin to fizzle out.”

He said that the protracted strike action by university-based unions could also be fueling the insecurity in the country as some students might be recruited into the crime industry.

“Don’t be surprised that some of those behind the killings may be students who have been out of school for over six months of the strike.”

He also blamed the insecurity in South East on marginalisation and near political exclusion of the zone by the Government at the centre.

“The other dimension that tends to create problems in the South East is the issue of alienation of the Igbo people from the centre of power. The deliberate alienation of Igbo is frustrating and at the extreme of such frustration, some may be tempted to take up arms.

“At a certain level of extreme provocation and marginalisation, the people express frustration through taking up arms. So, the best way to ensure there is good governance”.

The YPP Chairman Abia State, Hon. Chimex Uluocha, in an interview with our Vanguard, described the attack on Ubah as ” shocking and disheartening”.

He called for a probe into the incident and tasked the security agencies to quickly unravel those behind the barbaric attack.

The YPP Chairman who registered his condolences with the family of the victims noted that if a serving Senator could be so attached almost without resistance then ordinary people are vulnerable.

COSEYL, in a statement by its President General, Comrade Goodluck Ibem, condemned the senseless attack and called for the arrest of the masterminds.

It read: “We are really pained and disheartened to receive this heartbreaking news of how our youths just lost their lives within a twinkle of an eye in a broad daylight. What a wicked world!.

“It is infelicitous that such senseless killing of innocent youths who have done nothing wrong is happening in Igboland that is before now adjudged most peaceful in all ramifications. Something is fishy in this very attack and we demand that security agencies must unravel those hoodlums and their sponsors behind the assassination attempt on the life of Senator Ubah and bring them to justice.

“This vicious attack and assassination of our youths is a confirmation that enemies of Ndigbo have crept into our midst and they must be found by any means and flushed out immediately.

“The wicked activities of these criminals are destroying businesses in the South East as some businessmen and women who come from other parts of the country and outside the country to do business in Igboland are scared to come to do business in the zone because of fear of the activities of these senseless hoodlums.”

COSEYL condoled with the families of the victims and urged for support of the State Government and security agencies in their efforts to apprehend the culprits.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Baba and Heads of other security agencies to immediately arrest and prosecute perpetrators of this dastardly act so that justice will be served.

“Delay they say is dangerous, our security agents should get to work now. Our youths in the state should support the Governor and security agents by gathering and giving credible information that will lead to the arrest of these criminals.”
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