Palestine: UN refugee agency receives donation of $1m from China

Palestine: UN refugee agency receives donation of $1m from China
One million dollars have been given by China to UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, to assist education in the West Bank.

China gave one million dollars to the UNRWA's education programme, according to a statement from the organisation, so that Palestine refugee schoolchildren would have access to a good, fair, and inclusive basic education.

“The generous donation from China will be used by UNRWA to educate about 9,200 students in 19 schools in the West Bank for two months this year,” the statement said.

UNRWA expressed its deep appreciation to the Chinese government for its continuous support and dedication to safeguarding the rights of Palestine refugees, it added.

“We greatly appreciate our strong partnership with China, which continues to grow and expand,” said Karim Aamer, a UNRWA official.

According to the UNRWA statement, China is a valuable partner and long-term donor to the agency.

“Thanks to the constant support of donors such as the Chinese government, the agency has been able to provide vital services to Palestine refugees throughout the Middle East in the face of its ongoing challenges.”

In 1949, UNRWA was established under the decision of the UN General Assembly and was mandated to provide assistance and protection to Palestine refugees registered with it in the agency’s fields of operations.