SDP candidate: Kwara youth must take charge of politics, henceforth

SDP candidate: Kwara youth must take charge of politics, henceforth
The Social Democratic Party's (SDP) candidate for governor, Hakeem Lawal, has encouraged the state's youth to lead politics and development in order to advance Kwara.

Lawal, the son of the late Mohammed Lawal, the previous governor of the state, is thought by experts to be one of the candidates for governor to watch in 2023.

While meeting with State and Senatorial leaders of the Youth and Student Coalition for Hakeem Lawal (YOSCOHOL) in Ilorin, Kwara State, Lawal, who is deeply involved in global finance, made this call.

He praised the group's leadership for their role in the "liberation" of the state and urged them not to give up.

“We all were part of the Otoge struggle because we were convinced that Kwara deserves better than it was getting.

“We did all we did not because of personal benefits or hatred for personality.

“Now, we’ve achieved Otoge, but yet to deliver a Kwara of our dreams, that’s the reason why we are not resting on our oars.

“If we must achieve the Kwara of our dreams, the youth must take over the wheels at all levels, the time to shy away from being partisan and being involved in the leadership selection process is long gone.

“We must identify and unleash our numerical strength, intellectual depth and social net worth towards being the change we want to see” he added

Speaking earlier, the Convener of the group Comr. Abdulrahman Mohammed popularly known as Walter promised the resolve of the group independently hit the nooks and crannies taking the Hakeem Lawal message of hope and a renewed possibilities.

“Having gone through the citation of the leading gubernatorial hopefuls in Kwara, we’ve come to the realization that Alh. Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal is the candidate that can conveniently fly the flag of the youth comprising of indigenes and residents alike.

“Therefore, we’re here to assure you of our partnership and unflinching support towards the actualization of the Kwara of our dreams, that prioritizes the interest of the general populace over and above sectional and selfish interest.

“We know that the youth holds the ace to deciding the fate of who we hire as our next set of leaders and we’re sure the youth will queue behind one of their own, who is undoubtedly the most qualified to tackle the challenges of the day and lead us into a future we all can be proud of”, he added.