WHO: Ghana declares end to Marburg virus outbreak

WHO: Ghana declares end to Marburg virus outbreak
The World Health Organization reported on Friday that Ghana announced the end of a Marburg virus illness epidemic discovered about two months ago and resulted in two fatalities.

The WHO stated that the health ministry notified the notification because no additional instances of the illness resembling Ebola had been documented over the previous 42 days.

Marburg, nearly as deadly as Ebola, has no vaccination or a known cure. High temperature and both internal and external bleeding were symptoms.

“In total three confirmed cases, including two deaths, were recorded in the outbreak declared on 7 July 2022 after laboratory confirmation of the virus,” the WHO said.

Ghana’s cases were the first detected in West Africa.

There have been previous outbreaks and sporadic cases in other parts of Africa — in Angola, DR Congo, Guinea, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda.

“Any outbreak of Marburg is a major concern,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

“Despite having no previous experience with the disease, Ghana’s response has been rapid and robust.”

The WHO said it was working with Ghana’s health authorities to maintain surveillance, improve virus detection and better prepare for a potential resurgence.

The viral illness hits sufferers suddenly, triggering a high fever and severe headaches. Patients can develop unstoppable bleeding within days.

Fatality rates in confirmed cases have ranged from 24 per cent to 88 per cent in previous outbreaks, depending on the virus strain and case management, according to the WHO.
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