Yul Edochie advises acting proteges to study senior colleagues

Yul Edochie advises acting proteges to study senior colleagues
Actor Yul Edochie has urged aspiring actors to observe more experienced peers in the film industry.

Edochie remarked that acting demands could be challenging for newcomers, but he assured them that “hustle will pay.”

The actor, born in the state of Anambra, exhorted aspiring actors to enjoy what they do and take acting seriously because it is a severe profession that should not be taken lightly.

“Dear upcoming actors and actresses, don’t worry. The hustle will pay

“The conditions may be harsh initially, but it always pays in the end. Love the job. Be very serious about it.

“Acting is severe business; it’s not a joke.

“Anytime you get the opportunity to play a role, just know that you’re telling the story of someone out there. So you have to tell it convincingly,” he wrote.

The 40-year-old further advised his junior colleagues to watch movies, read books, and study senior colleagues in the industry.

“Watch lots of films, foreign and homemade. Read lots of books. Study your senior colleagues and learn from them,” he added.

He emphasised the importance of training in the acting craft, assuring new actors that their breakthrough “will surely come.

Edochie said: “Get training. Equip yourself with as much knowledge of the craft as possible.

“And when the role comes, act like your life depends on it. The breakthrough you seek will surely come.”