Breaking: Bishop Onaga removes Mbaka as spiritual director of Amen, sends him to monastery

Breaking: Bishop Onaga removes Mbaka as spiritual director of Amen, sends him to monastery

On Sunday evening, there was an uproar at the Adoration Ministries in Enugu, Nigeria, AMEN, following the announcement that Bishop Callistus Onaga had removed Fr Ejike Mbaka as the Spiritual Director of Amen.

Fr Mbaka, who made the announcement during Sunday Mass, said the bishop had named Fr Anthony Amadi as the new Spiritual Director of AMEN, who would be assisted by other unnamed priests.

"So, while I proceed to the monastery to continue with the remaining disciplinary exercises, as directed; I don't know how long; but the church has appointed Fr Anthony Amadi, one of us, to be overseeing all affairs of the ministry, assisted by other priests, pending my return, by the grace of God," Mbaka explained.

Mbaka had previously stated that the ministry had not fully opened, and that some programs, such as the weekly Friday all-night adoration, remained suspended until further notice.

"Our Sunday Masses and Wednesday's 'E No Dey Again' programs would continue," he said, "while others, such as Friday all-night adoration, would be suspended."

Meanwhile, after the announcement, angry worshipers nearly lynched Fr Amadi, who was present at the Mass. Before AMEN security personnel rushed to his aid and guided him to the Father's house, the angry mob had already engulfed him.

Mbaka had barely mentioned the new priest's name when the congregation erupted, shouting "we say no," "we say no," "we no free," and began carrying green leaves, forcing Fr Mbaka to end the Mass quickly.

Thousands of faithful had flocked to the prayer center from all over following an earlier announcement that Bishop Onaga had lifted the ministry's ban.

They were, however, left disappointed by the latest development.

According to our source, Fr Mbaka was only permitted to celebrate Mass at the center so that he could personally make the announcement.

It should be noted that Bishop Onaga issued a veiled ban on the fiery priest in mid-June 2022.

He had simply announced an official ban on all Catholic faithful, clergy, and religious from attending any AMEN programs, a Catholic ministry founded and run by Mbaka.

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