Winter Months: U.S. predicts low pace in Russia-Ukraine war

Even though Russia has lost more than half of the territory it had conquered, the war in Ukraine is already in its ninth month.

Winter Months: U.S. predicts low pace in Russia-Ukraine war
 According to US intelligence agencies, the war in Ukraine has been waning and will probably continue until the upcoming winter.

However, according to US head of intelligence Avril Haines, there hasn't been any indication of Ukrainian forces' resistance weakening.

Both sides, according to her, would endeavour to "refit, replenish, and reconstitute" for any springtime counteroffensive.

The crucial energy infrastructure of Ukraine had already been attacked by Russia.

Even though Russia has lost more than half of the territory it had conquered, the war in Ukraine is already in its ninth month.

Haines stated at a defence conference in California that the Bakhmut and Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine is currently the scene of the majority of the combat.

Following Russia's pullout from the west of the Kherson region last month, she claimed that combat had subsided.

"We're already observing a somewhat slowed down pace of the conflict... and we anticipate seeing that in the upcoming months," she said.

She claimed that after the winter, both the forces of Russia and Ukraine will be seeking to get ready for any counteroffensive.

But we truly do have some doubts about whether the Russians will actually be willing to do that, she added.

"I have a more positive outlook for the Ukrainians during that period."

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, called the price cap imposed by his Western partners on Russia's oil exports "weak" and claimed it would not harm the Russian economy enough.

The cap, which is set to take effect on Monday, aims to prevent nations from paying more than $60 (£48) a barrel for Russian crude oil that is transported by sea.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, stated that although Moscow had planned for the action, it would not sell its oil under the quota.

A club of the major oil-producing nations in the world is anticipated to adhere to its oil output objectives at a virtual summit on Sunday.

The Opec+ group, which consists of nations such as Russia and the United Arab Emirates, decided to restrict output by two million barrels per day beginning in November in an effort to support higher oil prices during their most recent ministerial meeting in October.

The United States and other Western countries were offended by the action, and Washington accused the organisation of siding with Russia.

Because of sluggish global growth and increased interest rates, oil prices have fallen since October. According to Opec sources, the group will probably consent to a policy rollover.

The government of Kyiv is reportedly applying penalties against 10 top members of the Orthodox Church who it claims were complicit in Russia's invasion, according to the security agency of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government's most recent action against religious organisations deemed potentially subversive is the imposition of sanctions that will freeze their assets for five years.

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